So, yeah.. this topic really gets under my skin. What draws people to the dark side, so to speak.. Personal Gain.. It’s really that simple. When dabbling in the dark, best be well versed in what you’re doing and the possibility of what you’re opening yourself up to. I see this topic, come up, again and again.. and almost always it gets “messy”. Dancing with the devil, so to speak, comes with a price, no doubting it. Practicing black magic affects  others free will.. a big No, No. Whatever is put out, comes back; really quite a simple concept, yet so many are unable to see truth in this due to greed, and the feeling of power over other beings this brings to them. They, who dabble in the dark, are a black spot on our noble name. They afford further misconceptions and demonization of Witchcraft, through both their words and deeds. Sad they fail to realize, the “light” side of things.. White so much more powerful and the possibility of manifestation is endless, when the intention behind the casting is pure, and of love and light.. even in binding, if necessary, it may be done in a mindful, loving way, so that no harm may come to the person involved in the binding, or to anyone else. Yes, I said in a loving, mindful way.. it’s much less taxing and a while lot more effective. We are all but one, connectivity plays such a huge unseen role in the veiled world… You are also hurting yourself by practicing your craft this way and adding to an already chaotic, hate filled, selfish humanity.. Understanding connectivity is truly key, in causing a shift, a concious awakening, one person at a time.. Deep thoughts from the shallow end. Blesssed Be!!

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