There is just something soothing about these Appalachian Mountains,they provide the comfort of being enveloped in a beautifully pieced together patchwork quilt. Often times, the calling is so strong, I just want to delve further and further in, never to return. If you live in the Appalachia’s ,or perhaps just visit on a regular basis, you may surely understand the calling of which I speak.Magick abounds, and may be found in every nook and cranny.. the flowing streams, the cascading waterfalls, the deep, vast dark forests, with the both the moon and the sun, often softly shining through, highlighting the most magical sights. These mountains change you, a change in your view on connectivity, oneness, peace. They open up your eyes to the reality that there is so much more in this world, that goes unseen by so many.. not visible to the naked eye. An unexplainable connection to our ancestors, their traditions and folklore, which often did, and still does, include the practice of Witchcraft. It goes mostly unspoken, but is just known.. and for the most part accepted. The stories of Granny Witches.. of which much information is hard to obtain and rarely shared,as it was verbally passed down to family members considered to have gifts. Often, silence affords wisdom, for when we truly open ourselves up to hearing the voices of our ancestors, the whispering of the trees, the lullaby of a flowing stream.. the magick just comes. It’s alive in each and everyone of us, belief and silence are the keys to unlocking what may very well lie dormant inside of you. These forests are very much alive, and full of a magnetic energy all their own. If this speaks to you, or perhaps you have been seeking and searching for your path..hush yourselves, calm your mind, focus and get yourself in tune with nature.. It will not steer you wrong. A magical, life changing path awaits you, senses may be stirred and awakened you never even imagined you held within you. It is life changing.. release your fear of the unknown, and get lost for a bit.. the most beautiful, magical of trips.. It’s all waiting for you❤️

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