Just about a week ago, we had our first snow here, in the Southern Appalachians. The snow viewed falling from atop the mountains, is magick in itself, quiets the mind, refreshes the soul and rejuvenates the spirit. It’s quite a sight! Rocks once cascading with water, can be likened to a beautiful ice sculpture. The snow, weighing heavy on the tree limbs, giving the forest a look of spirit shapes.. beckoning you in… Under the snow, you know the earth is resting and preparing to give way to a majestic rebirth in just a few months. The cycle. Appalachian snow is a magickal reminder of tomorrow’s not promised, the present is all we have.. always. Appalachian snow, gives off warmth.. a glow, that only few eyes are lucky enough to know. It is surely there for all to see, but only the awakened are blessed to “know”.. Magick abounds in Appalachian snow..

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