Appalachian Snow

Just about a week ago, we had our first snow here, in the Southern Appalachians. The snow viewed falling from atop the mountains, is magick in itself, quiets the mind, refreshes the soul and rejuvenates the spirit. It’s quite a sight! Rocks once cascading with water, can be likened to a beautiful ice sculpture. The snow, weighing heavy on the tree limbs, giving the forest a look of spirit shapes.. beckoning you in… Under the snow, you know the earth is resting and preparing to give way to a majestic rebirth in just a few months. The cycle. Appalachian snow is a magickal reminder of tomorrow’s not promised, the present is all we have.. always. Appalachian snow, gives off warmth.. a glow, that only few eyes are lucky enough to know. It is surely there for all to see, but only the awakened are blessed to “know”.. Magick abounds in Appalachian snow..

Appalachian Comfort

There is just something soothing about these Appalachian Mountains,they provide the comfort of being enveloped in a beautifully pieced together patchwork quilt. Often times, the calling is so strong, I just want to delve further and further in, never to return. If you live in the Appalachia’s ,or perhaps just visit on a regular basis, you may surely understand the calling of which I speak.Magick abounds, and may be found in every nook and cranny.. the flowing streams, the cascading waterfalls, the deep, vast dark forests, with the both the moon and the sun, often softly shining through, highlighting the most magical sights. These mountains change you, a change in your view on connectivity, oneness, peace. They open up your eyes to the reality that there is so much more in this world, that goes unseen by so many.. not visible to the naked eye. An unexplainable connection to our ancestors, their traditions and folklore, which often did, and still does, include the practice of Witchcraft. It goes mostly unspoken, but is just known.. and for the most part accepted. The stories of Granny Witches.. of which much information is hard to obtain and rarely shared,as it was verbally passed down to family members considered to have gifts. Often, silence affords wisdom, for when we truly open ourselves up to hearing the voices of our ancestors, the whispering of the trees, the lullaby of a flowing stream.. the magick just comes. It’s alive in each and everyone of us, belief and silence are the keys to unlocking what may very well lie dormant inside of you. These forests are very much alive, and full of a magnetic energy all their own. If this speaks to you, or perhaps you have been seeking and searching for your path..hush yourselves, calm your mind, focus and get yourself in tune with nature.. It will not steer you wrong. A magical, life changing path awaits you, senses may be stirred and awakened you never even imagined you held within you. It is life changing.. release your fear of the unknown, and get lost for a bit.. the most beautiful, magical of trips.. It’s all waiting for you❤️

Why are people drawn to ” Dark Magic”?? 

So, yeah.. this topic really gets under my skin. What draws people to the dark side, so to speak.. Personal Gain.. It’s really that simple. When dabbling in the dark, best be well versed in what you’re doing and the possibility of what you’re opening yourself up to. I see this topic, come up, again and again.. and almost always it gets “messy”. Dancing with the devil, so to speak, comes with a price, no doubting it. Practicing black magic affects  others free will.. a big No, No. Whatever is put out, comes back; really quite a simple concept, yet so many are unable to see truth in this due to greed, and the feeling of power over other beings this brings to them. They, who dabble in the dark, are a black spot on our noble name. They afford further misconceptions and demonization of Witchcraft, through both their words and deeds. Sad they fail to realize, the “light” side of things.. White so much more powerful and the possibility of manifestation is endless, when the intention behind the casting is pure, and of love and light.. even in binding, if necessary, it may be done in a mindful, loving way, so that no harm may come to the person involved in the binding, or to anyone else. Yes, I said in a loving, mindful way.. it’s much less taxing and a while lot more effective. We are all but one, connectivity plays such a huge unseen role in the veiled world… You are also hurting yourself by practicing your craft this way and adding to an already chaotic, hate filled, selfish humanity.. Understanding connectivity is truly key, in causing a shift, a concious awakening, one person at a time.. Deep thoughts from the shallow end. Blesssed Be!!

My Path

I have struggled since a young age, around 5, to truly understand my “gifts” and the spiritual path I was meant to walk. At the age of five, I began to experience visions of my Mother’s death and the events that would ensue. Sadly, her passing came to fruition 2 years later, when I was 7. For many years, I felt overwhelming guilt, feeling that my thoughts had somehow caused this to happen. Growing up, often, I was able to know when something had occurred, bad, goodimage.jpeg.. it just came to me, and as a young child through adolescence, it was very specific.. the who, what, when etc. Since that time, I lost much of the specifity involved in my visions, intuition.. whatever you’d like to call it. I’m not too fond of labels. Discussion of my ” gifts” was very much discouraged among family members. For years, the internal struggle;spirituali vs religiousity,was very real for me. Fast forward many years, and many turmoil filled days..and something horrific happened that caused me much growth and greater peace. Yes, you read that correctly, out of this horrific event, both growth and peace came to me. My husband passed, suddenly, unexpectedly at the age of 38.. all alone, on the side of a busy 4 lane highway about 10 minutes from our home. I knew the moment he passed, I couldn’t breathe, I heard him say my name and down to the minute.. I knew. This was later confirmed by both the autopsy report and death certificate. This sent me reeling, as I’m sure you can imagine, but it also afforded me much soul searching, and ultimately, the realization that all along I knew what I was.. I just didn’t wish to accept it. I am able to now proudly say, I am a Witch with Empathic gifts. My priorities completely shifted, possessions no longer meant a thing. I sold our large, suburban home and almost all of my belongings.. The mountains were calling.. The magic of nature drawing me in. I bought a cabin/cottage in the forest of the North Ga Mountains.. and it is here that my growth expounded immensely and my path became crystal clear. Now I proudly say, yes, I am a Witch.. Wisdom, Integrity,Truth, Courage, Honor. It is truly my intention to help others who may be struggling in their journey, those feeling lost, yet knowing there is more to this world than what is easily seen by the blind eye.Magic abounds.. you just have to be open to seeing it.. Dig deep. I’m here to help if needed.. New beginnings💜💫 Love and light, sent in flight.. So Mote it Be!!